/3 ways digital advertising strategy to next level
3 ways digital advertising strategy to next level

3 ways digital advertising strategy to next level

The Internet is full of ads. Among the devaluation of the organic content in the SMM panel, the disappearance of third-party cookies and regulations as GDPR and CCPA, pay advertising has become a necessity for brands. There is no way around this. It is understandable that advertisers are struggling, wondering how they can break through and make consumers happy. That is the right question. The correct answer revolves around creating meaningful experiences that break with the foundations of conventional advertising. Here are three ways.

Explore promising advertising ecosystem

There are many reasons why the consumer sentiment towards digital advertising continues its downward trend. However, the main one is the ad load, especially in major players like Facebook and Google. While this makes sense because of its proven capabilities and solid advertising, the large number of ads has created a crowded ecosystem in which it is increasingly difficult to stand out.

This does not mean that advertisers should reduce the role of Facebook and Google; they will always be a pillar; however, the reality is that they should no longer rely solely on them. As more advertisers come to the likes of Facebook and Google, progressives begin to allocate more to emerging ecosystems such as TikTok, Amazon, and IMDb OTT TV, to delight consumers in new ways. As time passes, diversification is paramount.

3 ways digital advertising strategy to next level

Adopt a multi-channel strategy guidance

If the ad load is at the center of consumer frustration, annoyance is the next on the list. This would happen after years of dishonest advertising targeting strategies based on Neglected that failed to keep up with the modern consumer. At the end of the day, advertisers that have not evolved do nothing but alienate consumers disconnected and irrelevant ads that do not add value.

Instead, advertisers must resort to a strategy of cross-channel orientation based on the premise of telling a compelling story sequential and consistent across channels and devices, adapted to the interests of consumers and the stage of the trip. In the ultra-competitive world of today, where everyone wants attention, this is an opportunity that no advertiser can lose.

Invest in innovative advertising formats

There is more consumer frustration that the volume or nature (sometimes) bothers. The fact that most ads have the same look also has something to do with it. Of course, this may not be directly related to frustration and annoyance load as advertising, but advertisers would be negligent not to consider the creative role. Think about it: How many ads look and feel like? How many they are based on the same basis with the same types of ads? A quick scroll through Facebook or Instagram reiterates that point. If consumers do not think that advertisers are spending time to delight in new ways, why time would be taken and invest in the brand? Most of the time, they will not.

To reverse the trend and capture the attention of consumers, advertisers must think outside the traditional box and investing in creative innovative capabilities that leverage the latest technology, think augmented reality and gameplay. These ad formats, while still are emerging in their evolution, are already providing smart advertisers a way out of the package and interact more effectively with consumers.

You win in the digital world is difficult. Between an ecosystem’s rapidly evolving consumer behaviors and constantly evolving digital identity unbridled no surprise that advertisers are struggling to find ways to stay ahead. While there are many ways to do this, be open to a new advertising ecosystem, targeting strategies and ad formats it is an excellent way to do it. In an ultra-competitive world where every brand is playing a high stakes game of following the leader, those willing to deviate from the beaten track will reap the benefits in the long run.