Instagram is a fast-growing social media platform with full potential. It does not disappear for users who share what they eat and wear from the sale and create a career in this way. However, when it comes to marketing practices, Instagram users do not know exactly what strategy to follow.

Marketing ideas that seem much more complex can be implemented using Instagram. However, if you do not already have a plan, you will not be aware of which direction you should strive for. You can reach your goal by applying very basic and easy marketing strategies instead of advanced marketing tactics.

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  • Post Regularly Daily

Continuity is the first and biggest rule to follow on all other social media platforms, especially Instagram. Sharing daily posts may be at the expense of Instagram users, but Instagram users want to see your daily posts from your followers because of users who are very active and loyal to the platform.

Do not be indecisive about what you have to share, share whatever. With the filtering features offered by Instagram, you can make your posts look beautiful and effective. Making regular posts will separate you from the crowd and you will have a profile that is respected and recognized by your followers.

  • Use hashtag

He puts the rules on Instagram in the hashtag. Using hashtags allows users to easily access the photos they want and the topics they are interested in. Do not use a few hashtags in your posts. Try to create more detailed and niche but most importantly related hashtags. Thanks to the application called Keyhole, you can easily find hashtags that are actively sought and trending.


  • Engage

Instagram is not just a social media platform that you like or think you might be interested in. Instagram isn’t just a platform where photos are shared, so interaction is vital on Instagram. Using the application called Repost, you can interact with the users in your target segment by resharing their shares.

You can also access the posts you are interested in and write them in the comments. You may like the photos you like, but this will not take you to the radar of others. It’s better to follow other users and write comments. Thus, both the follower wins and the people you write comments have to answer.

  • Post to enable Call to Action

Call to Action is a strategy to use, but Instagram is a bit tricky. The biggest indication of this is that you cannot add links to your posts. So Call to Actions on Twitter and Facebook but not on Instagram is a serious weak spot for this platform. However, there is no question that you will do CTA just by adding links. You need to know where to direct users and followers. At the end of your posts, you can follow, leave a comment or leave a comment, such as alike. The next step is to click on the link related to your products or services in the About Me section of your Profile.

  • Build your Followers Audience

Your followers are the lifeblood of your Instagram profile. Many users do not pay much attention to their followers because they are not aware of this. In order for your marketing strategy to be implemented on Instagram to be successful, you should target a specific follower group or increase your number of followers over time according to your common interests.

After creating your target audience and followers, you should make posts that may attract their attention. In this way, you will interact with your followers and over time they will become your loyal followers.

While determining the followers in your target audience, it will be in your interest to examine the users who comment and like the most interacting with you. Then, with your shares, you will be able to attract the attention of your target audience.

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