/Facebook and Instagram expands stores for all US businesses
Facebook and Instagram expands stores for all US businesses

Facebook and Instagram expands stores for all US businesses

It has been a while since we received an update on the status of Facebook stores, which were first announced to be “coming soon”. But today, Facebook has released a bunch of new updates to its eCommerce tools that will give businesses more ways to connect with customers and sell directly on both Facebook and [email protected] Get More Likes Now: 5000 Instagram likes

Here’s what was announced:

First, Facebook is launching a new Facebook Store tab: a new place to find businesses and shop for items in the Facebook app.

As you can see here, a new dedicated ‘Shopping’ tab will be available in the options menu and showcase a number of companies that sell products directly on the platform.

According to Facebook:

The Facebook Shop makes it easy for people to find products from their favorite companies, discover new ones, and shop – all in one place.

It’s hard to say how often the features listed in this section of the app are used, as opposed to giving them more visible space for the news feed or their own bottom tab of the feature bar. But undoubtedly, Facebook will be looking to promote its new shopping experience on custom feeds and through new ad listings.

Either way, this is an important step in promoting Facebook e-commerce as it provides a kind of virtual directory that helps users browse and buy from in-app store-enabled pages.

In addition to this, Facebook also offers Instagram Checkout for all American businesses and creators.

Instagram has had shopping tags available for a while, but it can’t make the in-stream shopping experience easy for everyone. Until now.

There are some limitations though:

To use checkout, businesses must have stores and use Facebook Commerce Manager or our partners Shopify and Big Commerce. We will be supporting more platform partners soon.

Companies need to provide various information to access the Commerce Manager, and you need to upload your inventory list (here’s a complete overview of the process). But once you go through the setup, you can sell directly on Instagram, which could open up new opportunities for connecting with the app’s 1 billion users.

As an added incentive and in light of the impact of COVID-19, Facebook is also waiving sales commissions for businesses for the rest of the year. However, at some point, Facebook will receive a share of every sale made through its eCommerce listings.

Facebook is also adding some new customization options for its Store displays, including new design layouts for displaying individual products or product groups in your Store.

Facebook and Instagram expands stores for all US businesses

The options are available in the Configure Store tool in Commerce Manager, which will now also show you a live preview of your collections as they are combined.

This is a key component of Facebook’s new eCommerce promotion, making it as easy as possible to use the tools so that all merchants can create engaging, engaging storefronts. As you can see here, the design interface makes things easier, which should allow even non-tech business owners to create stores on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook has also added a new messaging option to their store displays to connect leads directly with sellers.

The messaging option will soon facilitate direct messaging via Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram Direct, although in theory all of these messaging options will soon be plugged into the same platform anyway.

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