/Facebook Messenger Protect Your Kids from Predators.

Facebook Messenger Protect Your Kids from Predators.

If you think that social networking difficult for adults, imagine what it’s like for your children. They are permanent objectives, and you cannot always stand on their shoulders to ensure that they interact healthily. New Facebook Messenger security feature designed to keep the distance between your teen and unwanted predators.

What it is: Messenger in iOS (function entered on Android in March), will provide the security notice when the system detects suspicious activity. No word on if it is also applied in Facebook on the desktop.

Not reading your chats: Facebook explained in his blog that uses machine learning (a subset of artificial intelligence) for the detection of behavioral cues, for example, adult, binds to a large number of young people aged under 18 with a message or to add as friend requests. Pop-up windows security is not based on the content of the conversation in Messenger, and to the person’s profile, trying to communicate with your child. Facebook said that thanks to this system will continue to work even after Facebook will include a through encryption Messenger.

What does Facebook: People must be able to safely and confidentially communicate with friends and family so that no one was listening and not watching them talk.

Just a warning: Messenger will automatically block these messages or friend requests. Instead, the alert will be shown to the user why the contact is suspicious. For example, if the message comes from an adult with a user name, very similar to the name of the person to whom you are connected, the security system will note that the new man is not a man, you know. Then the user has to take precautionary measures, such as “Block this person” before he answers.

Bottom line: you cannot always be there to protect their children from online predators. At least with this small security update, Facebook is trying to follow and for your children.

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