/Find companies on Instagram for collaborations
Find companies on Instagram for collaborations

Find companies on Instagram for collaborations

However, if your dream is to break into the world of influencers, you will know that this is only the first step: the numbers and the involvement of users are used to attract collaborations with brands, companies, and brands and start earning thanks to your content. But where to start to trigger the paid work machine? Let’s find out how to find companies on Instagram for collaborations.

The preparation

Before starting the search it is good to make sure you are ready to start working seriously on social media: is your profile ok to be proposed? Do you have the hope of being contacted or is it better to postpone and work a little more on your profile? In particular, in order not to waste opportunities due to unpreparedness, it is good that you make sure that your profile has:

A fairly large number of likes and followers

Companies collaborate with influencers because they invest in product visibility. If an influencer has a very high and active fan base, there is a good chance that among those thousands of people a percentage will decide to buy the promoted product. This is why companies discard profiles that do not boast high followers, likes, and comments.

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Curated and eye-catching content

We have repeated it many times on this blog: the contents must be well-kept and very beautiful and interesting, under penalty of losing opportunities both in terms of followers and with companies. This is all the more true on social media like Instagram, based decisively on images.

A very specific strategy

The objectives cannot be achieved without a thoroughly studied course, and for this reason, it is crucial to base all your publications on a carefully planned strategy. This involves not only the contents produced but also the name of one’s profile, the coherent personality, the topics covered.

How to contact companies and brands on Instagram

If you have reread the points above and yes, you have everything you need, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start proposing yourself to the companies. You read that right: the most effective method, especially for the first experiences, is to offer yourself directly to the realities that interest you and that could be in line with your audience and your content. First, we advise you to take some time and understand who the companies you would like to collaborate with are, perhaps writing a list on a sheet of paper for ease.

So start looking for them on Instagram or look for the email addresses of the marketing representatives and.. write, presenting your project, and explaining why and how you would like to collaborate. If you have it, attach a media kit that offers an overview of your profile numbers, your online presence, and the topics covered. This method amazes for its simplicity but is often the most effective. Of course, when you grow, then the companies take the first step, but in the first experiences, this is the most popular method.

Find companies on Instagram for collaborations

The influencer marketing platforms

If this path scares you, or you have tried it and you have not obtained results, do not give up and know that there is another to try: in recent years many platforms dedicated to influencer marketing have been born whose purpose is precisely that to put in contact interesting profiles with brands that need promotion. Finding them is simple thanks to a quick search on the engines and, since each has different rules, we are sure you will not have difficulty finding the one that is right for you.

Now that you know how to find companies on Instagram to collaborate all that remains is to continue cultivating your profiles: why not give a boost to engagement thanks to the purchase of comments on Instagram.

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