/Google will put ad spam in check
Google will put ad spam in check

Google will put ad spam in check

Google announced a few days ago that it will launch an application that will block misleading advertising or spam, with the aim of improving the experience of users on the Internet, which will bring many headaches to online advertisers because they will no longer have the freedom to bombard netizens with ads.

The Internet giant, together with Chrome, one of the most used search engines on the planet, will activate the application in early. It will work as an advertising filter and thus avoid the user the hassle of having to see so much junk content.

According to Google’s vice president of Advertising and Commerce, it is too common for people to find annoying and intrusive ads on the web, which can be a bit annoying and overwhelming for those who try to enjoy a page without the need to wait Allow 10 seconds for the ad to finish.

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Advertising spam is often uncomfortable for many people, especially for those who do not have time. For this reason, Google Adwords has the option of modifying the frequency of Remarketing campaigns, so as not to overwhelm the user with so much advertising, causing rejection by the brand in question and harming the rest of the online advertisers.

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through a note posted on his corporate blog agrees with this statement and details that these frustrating experiences can lead people to block all ads, which means a great impact on content creators.

Therefore, advertising advertisers will have to adapt to the policies devised by the Coalition for Good Ads, an association headed by Google that is in charge of stopping the advance of online advertising, who according to a web report for already occupied the 25% of browsing time.

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