/how to edit IGTV titles and captions and how to check insights!

how to edit IGTV titles and captions and how to check insights!

“IGTV” was big news for those who love Instagram. Are you already using it? IGTV, which specializes in posting videos, is highly recommended as a platform for companies to post promotional videos such as products and services, as well as enjoy it privately. I want to use it as soon as possible and establish it as a new promotion method.

So this time, I will introduce some tips for using IGTV better! This is a must-see for Instagram / IGTV operators!

Edit IGTV video title captions

I want to change the title and caption after posting a video to IGTV! That is often the case. However, you cannot edit the title or caption of the posted video from the smartphone app. If you need to edit it, you can do it from your computer, so please log in to Instagram on your computer’s browser first.

In addition, you cannot edit the video after posting. In that case, please delete the posted video and post the correct video again. After logging in, click your icon to display your profile screen.

increase the number of IGTV is displayed in the menu in the center of the screen, so click it. Then, the videos posted to IGTV will be displayed, so click the video whose title or caption you want to edit.

Click “…” displayed at the bottom right of the post to display the menu. Click “Edit Video”.

The edit screen will be displayed, so let’s edit the title and caption. After entering, click “Save” to complete the work.


Check IGTV Insights

I’m curious about how many users are watching the videos posted on IGTV, especially if it’s a profile video. So, here’s how to check the insights of videos posted on IGTV.

First, start IGTV from the smartphone app and tap your icon.

The video posted to IGTV will be displayed, so double-tap it.

Tap “…” among the icons at the bottom of the screen.

A menu will be displayed, so tap “Show Insights”.

Now you can see insights such as views, likes, and comments. The number of views is the number of times the video has been viewed for 3 seconds or longer.

Since you can enter the URL inside the IGTV card, especially if you are operating an EC site, you want to attach a purchase to the Buy IGTV views so that users who watch the video can purchase it as it is. There is no limit to the number of characters or the number of URLs that can be written, so even after posting the video, arrange the captions and make a purchased lead!