/Make Instagram posts to earn more saves?
Make Instagram posts to earn more saves?

Make Instagram posts to earn more saves?

It was officially announced that the “number of saves” is important in Instagram’s recommended posting algorithm.

What kind of photos and texts are posts that can be saved?

This time, I will introduce the points for delivering content that is easy to save on Instagram.

Differences between posts you want to like and posts you want to save

As you all know, content that is appealing to you, such as beautiful photos and cute illustrations, tends to be liked. However, the content you want to store does not always look attractive. The important thing is “is it useful information for the user?” I will explain in detail below.

Put detailed information in the text

On Instagram of offline stores that handle restaurants and merchandise, it is recommended to enter information such as business hours and access at a level that does not require a web search when visiting the store. increase your fan and followers Buy 5k Instagram followers.

Business hours

Write down the business hours in an easy-to-understand manner, such as “10-18 o’clock, closed every Tuesday”. If you have a fixed store account, include it in your profile as well as in your post.

Product name/price

If the photo introduces the food, include the menu name and price. “This omelet rice can be eaten for less than 50$ It’s easy to invite friends” “The way to ask for this topping is to say first”, etc. Actively write content that you might forget Let’s keep it.

Put text in the image

It was a long time ago that people were shunned by saying, If you put text in an image, it will look like an advertisement and the response rate will drop. Now is the time when you can easily insert text in images with a smartphone app. Even in posts by general users, there is a lot of content with text. By embedding the product text introduced earlier in the image, you can deliver rich content without scrolling to the next part.

When there is a lot of information, image processing that is easy to see by dividing it into multiple sheets, such as a beautiful image of the product you want to show on the first sheet and text processing of the product name and price, and text processing of the appearance photo and access information on the second sheet It is recommended to [email protected]  the best payment gateway for your online payments.

All of the things I have introduced this time come to mind naturally if you are aware of “is it useful information that is worth looking back on later?” Think from the user’s point of view, such as what kind of anxiety and expectations you have before you come to the store, and what kind of photos and design content you are attracted to.