How to join Twitter with a new account.

How to join Twitter with a new account.

How to join Twitter with a new account.

Twitter – one of the most popular social networks in the world. Are you planning to join Twitter for personal reasons, such as following of friends and celebrities, or for business reasons to promote their services, the platform can be a good source of pleasure and possibility for virtually anyone.

Join Twitter is pretty simple, but there are a few tips that should know in order to properly set up your account.

How to set up a Twitter account

Open Twitter from your computer, phone or tablet.

Enter your phone number or email address in the first text box on this page.

Enter the password you want to use for Twitter, in the second field.

Tap or click “Start”.

Enter your full name in the new text box that appears under your password.

You can also adapt Twitter to their interests (based on your recent visits to the site). If you do not want this, deselect the registration page. Read this for more information about what this entails.

Use the link “Advanced Settings” under the form, if you want other people cannot find you on Twitter, by searching for your personal information. You can selectively disable the ability for people to find your Twitter account using your e-mail address or phone number.

Tap or click the Register button when finished.

If you have not already, you will be prompted to enter your phone number, but you can use the Ignore link at the bottom of this page if you want to avoid connecting your phone number to your Twitter account. You can always do it later.

Choose a user name on the next page by entering it in the text box or by clicking the name suggested on the basis of their name and email address. You can always change it later if you want, or you can skip this step by reference to Skip and later to enter your user name.

Adding unnecessary information about the setting.

At this point you can go to the homepage of Twitter, to get access to your account, or you can continue with the installation. 

Note. Before you start to follow and write on Twitter, would be nice to finish setting up your profile, make it look convincing enough for people to follow you.

Select Let’s go! Twitter the opportunity to report their interests to help Twitter users recommend that you should follow.

Click “Continue” to be able to import Gmail or Outlook contacts that Twitter can be used to recommend friends subscribers. If you do not want to do this, click no.

Select the users you want to follow the recommendations of Twitter, or use the button at the top of the page to quickly perform all of them. You can also uncheck those for whom you do not want to follow (you can uncheck all if you want). Use the blue button in the upper right corner of this page to go to the next step.

You may be prompted to enable notifications to be notified of new messages in your account. You can turn it on or select not right now to make a decision later.

You’re all done! Next page – your timeline, where you can start using Twitter.

You can also add a profile photo, title, photo, a short biography, location, website and your birthday. You can also customize the colour theme of your profile.

Make your profile private

Unlike other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter all accounts are published by default. This means that anyone on the Internet can view your profile information (location and so on. D.) and tweets.

If you want to make your profile private Twitter, just to your users to be able to see your information, you can enable the option to Protect my tweets, see Privacy and security settings.

Using two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication – this method of testing, which includes an additional step after login attempts to your account. This helps prevent hacker’s access to your account.

Typically, on your phone or e-mail address is written code that you use to verify your identity and password at login.

Here’s how to turn on two-factor authentication on Twitter.

Open your account settings by clicking on their profile photo, and selecting the link “Settings and Privacy.”

Scroll down to the “Security” and then click “Configure input validation in” next to “Check for input requests.” You need to add a phone number to your account for this to work.

Click Start in the new window that opens, which guides you through the Master two-factor authentication.

Enter your password Twitter and then select Confirm.

Click Send code to give Twitter permission to send you a verification code.

Enter the code in the next window and click Send.

This is it! Now, every time you log in, Twitter sends you a code that you should use with your password before you can log in to your account.

More info: Twitter may reopen profile verification apps soon.

Twitter Releases Calendar to Help Strategic Planning.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Twitter event calendars do not look as full as they once were, but there are still various features and advertising bindings that should be considered on different key dates in June, according to its latest list.

Twitter Releases Calendar to Help Strategic Planning.

Each month, a message is posted on Twitter with key dates and a link to the calendar for 2020, which was published earlier this year. And every month I look at the calendar and delete all events that no longer occur. And this is a lot, there are many functions that have been cancelled – but it begins to seem that we have crossed a key threshold of a kind, that we are probably starting to transition to recovery mode after the peak of a pandemic.

With hope. The signs seem positive, and we will soon be able to start planning ahead. But until then, there are still opportunities for consideration and events that should be remembered this month.

Twitter highlights these specific events to keep in mind:

Pride Month – Twitter encourages brands to showcase their support through special messages that showcase their point of view

Best Friends Day (June 8) – Twitter says it’s a great opportunity for creative promotions

National Selfie Day (June 21) – Twitter reports that National Selfie Day is a perfect time “to encourage your audience to share their photos using your product or service at home.”

Father’s Day (June 21): “A great opportunity to create and distribute gift guides, exclusive sales, personalized content”

Summer Solstice (June 20) – Twitter says it gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience through appropriate memes that capture the “summer feelings”

Yes, there are fewer events to celebrate, and the celebration, in itself, changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. But it is also worth considering that people are looking for escapism, they are looking for ways to connect and participate in the conditions of the existing restrictions.

And since these restrictions are loosened, there will be even more opportunities to celebrate, which may mean that June is a great month to bring people closer, given the relevant distance rules.

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Facebook Messenger Protect Your Kids from Predators.

If you think that social networking difficult for adults, imagine what it’s like for your children. They are permanent objectives, and you cannot always stand on their shoulders to ensure that they interact healthily. New Facebook Messenger security feature designed to keep the distance between your teen and unwanted predators.

What it is: Messenger in iOS (function entered on Android in March), will provide the security notice when the system detects suspicious activity. No word on if it is also applied in Facebook on the desktop.

Not reading your chats: Facebook explained in his blog that uses machine learning (a subset of artificial intelligence) for the detection of behavioral cues, for example, adult, binds to a large number of young people aged under 18 with a message or to add as friend requests. Pop-up windows security is not based on the content of the conversation in Messenger, and to the person’s profile, trying to communicate with your child. Facebook said that thanks to this system will continue to work even after Facebook will include a through encryption Messenger.

What does Facebook: People must be able to safely and confidentially communicate with friends and family so that no one was listening and not watching them talk.

Just a warning: Messenger will automatically block these messages or friend requests. Instead, the alert will be shown to the user why the contact is suspicious. For example, if the message comes from an adult with a user name, very similar to the name of the person to whom you are connected, the security system will note that the new man is not a man, you know. Then the user has to take precautionary measures, such as “Block this person” before he answers.

Bottom line: you cannot always be there to protect their children from online predators. At least with this small security update, Facebook is trying to follow and for your children.

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What is Instagrammer?

Women In The Bath

What is Instagrammer? Explanation of the definition of Instagrammer and the mechanism of income

What is advertising content of the Instagram brand Explain the merits that interest you and shipping method.

Instagram announced the launch of branded content advertising. Content by influential people and celebrities can be distributed as advertisements for companies that have a business relationship as a business partner.

In this article, we will explain the advantages of branded content ads and how to locate them.

The announcement of branded content is one of the types of ads Instagram, and is an advertising format that branded content published by influential people can be delivered as advertisements for companies that are partners. “Branded content” in English.

Publications that appear as ads appear in your account of influence, but companies can use the information function to measure the effectiveness of their content.

Advertising is expected to branded content is effective to prevent hidden marketing (Stema) and, along with it, improve transparency and reliability of Instagram.

Although influencers marketing has become popular in Instagram, the reality is that there are many cases where the relationship between influencers and companies is difficult to understand and, first, is not clearly established. The publication (branded content) advertising a product or service requested by a company is a publicity stunt, and it is necessary to clearly indicate to the consumer that this is an advertisement. However, the case in which the posters advertise their products and services as if they were using naturally called “hidden marketing” and is a problem.

Advertising with branded content, the relationship between the influencer and the company is set automatically. You can say it is a mechanism that facilitates collaboration with influential people without making taxpayers and businesses doubt be a source. In addition, these efforts will increase the transparency of Instagram as a whole, increasing its value as a medium.

According to a survey of users of Instagram in Japan, 80% of respondents answered “to find a product or service” as the purpose of use.

In sponsored publications, influential clarify the relationship between individuals and companies, which has been difficult to understand so far, will increase the credibility of taxpayers, companies and users. Advertising branded content, which is different from the unilateral advertising companies will be more important in the future.


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Twitter Officially Launches New Retweeted Comment Lists on iOS

You may have noticed this in your retweet over the past few weeks, but now Twitter is making it official – at least on iOS.

From now on, your retweets account will include both main retweets and retweets with comments, and you can also see which ones are in the new list in the details of the tweet.

As already noted, Twitter has been testing new listings over the past few weeks, and the update is designed to eliminate the well-known annoyance using the displayed Twitter activity statistics.

But now the problem will be clarified, and you can get a complete, comprehensive list of your total number of retweets, as well as be able to view the relevant comments and answers, as well as interact with them, if you choose.

Until now, Twitter actually viewed comment retweets as a separate, unique tweet, so it did not intentionally include them in the total number of retweets. Many have suggested that this is most likely a bug in the Twitter system, but it isn’t – Twitter viewed comment retweets as a separate action from regular retweets.

And don’t worry about Android users, they are also tested on Android.

This is a good addition, which, as already noted, corrects what seemed like a flaw in the Twitter system. Although additional retweets added to your total may add a little to your vanity statistics, being able to easily view and interact with retweets with comments is a significant functional improvement that can increase the involvement of tweets.

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Facebook expands community help center to meet additional help features

At the beginning of last month, Facebook launched a new platform called “Community Help,” where people can either offer help to other members of their community, or request help in completing the tasks of local residents. Now, given the constant demand for help in various forms in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, Facebook is expanding the Community Assistance Center to serve more types of assistance.

As TechCrunch first reported, in its initial iteration, the Help Center allowed users to request and respond to requests for help regarding food supplies, local resources, and volunteers. Facebook now also includes ways in which people can support local businesses, donate to blood banks, promote nonprofits, and more.

Many of these features already exist on Facebook in various forms – for example, the ability to support small local businesses was also launched as a separate element on the platform at the beginning of last month. Given the crisis, Facebook is now trying to group all of these different options together in order to better promote them in a team and help raise awareness in more places.

New features will be launched at Giving Tuesday Now on May 5th. Giving Tuesday Now is an optional one-time Giving Tuesday event launched in response to COVID-19.

With the ongoing situation with COVID-19, Facebook is looking for new ways to use its unrivaled reach and presence to help bring together communities and demonstrate the benefits of its platform as a reach and connectivity tool. Facebook definitely has the greatest potential in this direction – with 2.6 billion active users, Facebook remains the leading social platform by a significant margin, while Facebook usage has also grown during the current period of global blocking.

However, at the same time, Facebook has competition on this front. The small Next Door community app also increased the number of people joining groups to help each other during a pandemic by 7 times and has become for many a key connecting tool to help local relief efforts.

Given this, the increased emphasis on Facebook may also have a protectionist element, as it seeks to maintain its position as a leading platform on all fronts.

Again, Facebook has reach, but it also knows that it needs to focus on meeting such needs and maximizing utility to reflect potential competition.

New Community Hub tools will be available from tomorrow in the US, UK, France, Australia, and Canada.

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