/Twitter Releases Calendar to Help Strategic Planning.

Twitter Releases Calendar to Help Strategic Planning.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Twitter event calendars do not look as full as they once were, but there are still various features and advertising bindings that should be considered on different key dates in June, according to its latest list.

Twitter Releases Calendar to Help Strategic Planning.

Each month, a message is posted on Twitter with key dates and a link to the calendar for 2020, which was published earlier this year. And every month I look at the calendar and delete all events that no longer occur. And this is a lot, there are many functions that have been cancelled – but it begins to seem that we have crossed a key threshold of a kind, that we are probably starting to transition to recovery mode after the peak of a pandemic.

With hope. The signs seem positive, and we will soon be able to start planning ahead. But until then, there are still opportunities for consideration and events that should be remembered this month.

Twitter highlights these specific events to keep in mind:

Pride Month – Twitter encourages brands to showcase their support through special messages that showcase their point of view

Best Friends Day (June 8) – Twitter says it’s a great opportunity for creative promotions

National Selfie Day (June 21) – Twitter reports that National Selfie Day is a perfect time “to encourage your audience to share their photos using your product or service at home.”

Father’s Day (June 21): “A great opportunity to create and distribute gift guides, exclusive sales, personalized content”

Summer Solstice (June 20) – Twitter says it gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience through appropriate memes that capture the “summer feelings”

Yes, there are fewer events to celebrate, and the celebration, in itself, changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. But it is also worth considering that people are looking for escapism, they are looking for ways to connect and participate in the conditions of the existing restrictions.

And since these restrictions are loosened, there will be even more opportunities to celebrate, which may mean that June is a great month to bring people closer, given the relevant distance rules.

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