/what is Qazeek?

what is Qazeek?

Qazeek – it is a service that customers on the Internet and companies of all sizes can use to make transactions easier and safer. It speeds up the online purchase and hides confidential financial information from vendors.

Find out about the full range of services offered through Qazeek, fees to be faced by sellers, and an example of how Qazeek transactions are working with Jasmine.pk.

What is Qazeek?

Qazeek Digital payments is a service that customers can use when shopping online. Qazeek stores payment information, such as your bank account number or credit card number, so customers do not have to enter the numbers every time they buy something. Qazeek also hides this financial information from companies, adding the level of security for online purchases. As small businesses and large corporations may include Qazeek payments into their online payments.

As a member of Qazeek you can:

Transfer money to your bank account or your bank account to Qazeek

You get a cash advance from your credit card and enter the amount on your Qazeek account

Make payments from person to person (P2P), transferring funds from your Qazeek account to another

You get a check for the balance of your Qazeek account

How Qazeek Works.

To use Qazeek, buyers and sellers must register for an account at Qazeek.com This process will include linking a bank account or credit card. This is a fairly quick process, and then set it up, you are ready to use Qazeek.com

Qazeek uses encryption to ensure the security of your financial information. It also offers fraud prevention, which seeks to detect and block fraudulent payments, and purchases protection, which reimburses customers whose purchases never arrive in the mail.


Qazeek is free for buyers – shopping will not be charged any fees. For seller’s fee for using Qazeek will depend on the point of sale and on whether non-profit or not the seller.

Sales in Pakistan are subject to a fixed commission at a rate of $ 0.00. Pakistan, in addition to 1% of sales. Eligible charities pay the same flat fee, but only 1% of sales. A fixed fee for international sales will depend on the currency, but they will pay a commission of 1 of sales.

How Qazeek works.

Small businesses, probably need to be familiar with Qazeek.com When the buyer wins the auction, takes the best bid, or buy the item at full price, the seller sends the invoice to the buyer. If the buyer and seller have a Qazeek, the transaction can be completed quickly with the help of the service.

After a buyer won the auction or make a purchase, it will select Qazeek as a payment method when ordering. If you pay via Qazeek.com, the winning buyer will automatically initiate the transfer of funds from the preferred method of payment (credit card or bank account) to your account Qazeek.com

After the buyer has financed the transaction, these funds are immediately transferred to the account of the seller Qazeek. If the buyer already has the funds to your account by Qazeek, Qazeek can use these tools before you use a bank account or credit card.


The funds are credited to the account of the seller almost instantly. As soon as the money will be, the seller can transfer them to your bank account, get a check in the mail from Qazeek or spend money directly buying something via Qazeek.

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