/Why buy YouTube likes and dislikes
Why buy YouTube likes and dislikes

Why buy YouTube likes and dislikes

Buy likes? Why?

Historically, YouTubers have seen likes as a digital value that sets them apart from other YouTubers, and stand out for that. Isn’t it more attractive to go to a YouTube video when it already has hundreds, thousands of likes?

However, today it goes beyond a simple cognitive symbol. In recent months, Google has completely rethought the way it classifies videos in its search engine, as well as its way of calculating the display of videos in suggestion, and one of the important factors is that of the interaction via likes., comments and dislikes.

As you can see, YouTubers are buy YouTube live stream views on their videos because this helps them gain visibility, and therefore attract potential subscribers by the hundreds.

Ok, but why buy dislikes?


It is legitimate to wonder! As written above, today we must understand that YouTube judges the viral effect of content, the buzz effect: A video with lots of dislikes can benefit from a good referencing, we generally realize counts with the videos dealing with the news which often arrive in YouTube trends and which present a rather unequal likes / dislikes ratio.

For credibility

Also, many YouTubers buy themselves YouTube dislikes for the sake of credibility. Indeed, after having ordered 100,000 YouTube views, 1,000 likes, and 50 comments, it is much more credible to invest an additional one or two euros to receive twenty likes, just so as not to leave the likes bar all blue!

To do harm

This last point is the one that delayed the sale of YouTube dislikes purchases: It is in no way in our ambition to allow YouTubers to harm other YouTubers. However, we noticed that this point concerned a tiny part of the orders made on this service, which is very positive for us since we will never be able to tell the difference, the orders placed on social media being anonymous, between an order made for either same or an order made on behalf of another YouTuber.

Where to buy YouTube likes?

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