/Why marketers love Instagram and Pinterest
Why marketers love Instagram and Pinterest

Why marketers love Instagram and Pinterest

Instagram and Pinterest are good for reaching consumers with visually appealing content

Facebook has more active users than any social media. But it’s not the best option to visually enjoy and inspire new ideas. In recent years, Instagram and Pinterest have played that role.

Instagram and Pinterest can inspire consumers in areas such as food, fashion, and interior. Similarly, marketers view Instagram and Pinterest as places to place ads and deliver fun, lively messages.

Instagram and Pinterest can discover information according to their interests

When you search Google for your hobby, there are many cases where the image of Pinterest is displayed at the top. Images are more suitable than letters for the needs of hobby ideas. Marketers are also shifting their advertising budget from Google and Bing to Pinterest. Instagram also helps you discover content according to your interests. For cooking, exercise, and other interests, Instagram users will want to post and share images and videos.

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There may not be many people opening Facebook to shop. On the other hand, Instagram and Pinterest may use the app with a willingness to purchase. Both platforms offer great user experience and one-click shopping capabilities.

Rich in evergreen content that continues to provide value to users for a long time

Facebook content is expected to reach about 30 minutes after posting. With Instagram, browsing user and corporate feeds is easy and fun, so content can reach users for a long time. Pinterest is rich in “evergreen” content that users continue to browse for a long time. For example, interior images aren’t much needed to keep up with the latest trends, so once posted, it’s content that can be searched by many users.

Instagram and Pinterest, which have a lot of users browsing content according to their interests, make it easy for marketers to find attractive advertising messages. If you’re targeting consumers who are passionate about a particular topic, why not consider an advertising campaign there?

Why marketers love Instagram and Pinterest

There are many great posts on Pinterest marketing strategy and Instagram strategy, the problem is that almost all of them are tactics lists. The list of tactics is not a strategy. We’re going to take a different approach here and give you everything you need to succeed – both a roadmap for a solid strategy and a ton of tactics to choose from.

Setting a strategy is more important than ever. Too many things to do, too many social media sites to market to, too many marketing tactics to try; we need something to cut through the clutter and tell us what to focus on. This is a strategy.

Part of the confusion surrounding the difference between tactics and strategy stems from their complex, sometimes interchangeable relationship. Like Russian nesting dolls, each strategy contains tactics.

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