You have a lot of visitors to your website subscribe to your newsletter since their content interests them. You are preparing to develop email marketing campaigns to take advantage of that list of subscribers and you spend time, effort and all the illusion in the world to write the emails, but, in a short time, you realize that no emailing campaign gives you good results. What happens? Why do they subscribe if they don’t even open my emails later? Sounds familiar to you, right.

Do not worry, since this situation is more normal than you think and, therefore, we are going to give you the keys with which you will discover how to make each emailing campaign that you carry out work.

First of all, you have to be aware of the great importance of the “subjects” of your emails so that their recipients open it.

Indeed, email subjects are your best cover letter and the open rate will almost entirely depend on how you develop them. Therefore, the main aspect that you must take into account for your emailing campaign to succeed is the preparation of the issues.

Make an irresistible subject for your emails

Keep reading to the end and you will know what are the best ingredients so that the result is an email subject that even the most incredulous of your contacts will not be able to resist opening.

  1. It draws attention visually

To do this, you can use various methods. You can use exclamations to express emotion and joy, questions to arouse curiosity, and emoticons to express everything you imagine. Of course, do not abuse the signs, as they could be interpreted as spam. For example:

Our expected discounts are coming!

2. Brief, if good, twice good

In the digital age, time is worth more than ever. Try to make your affairs precise and concise, without being telegraphic. If you overstretch, the recipient won’t even read the subject or the content.

It is not the same to say discover all our news! that hello, do not miss all the news that we already have ready for this month”.

  1. Avoid putting your brand name in the subject

Thus, you will save space and avoid being redundant. Of course, remember that the name of your company or brand must appear in the sender section if you want to avoid being branded as a spammer. What should always appear in the subject is the name of the product or the news item that the email content is about.

New collection of shoes! They will fall at your feet.

  1. Generate expectation

The same example above serves to illustrate one way of generating expectation. Again, exclamations and interrogations will be of great help. You will invite the user to look for the answer, which he will find inside the email, creating subjects with questions like “have you already collected your gift.

  1. Feed curiosity

There are two foolproof tricks for this. The first is to half-leave a sentence. Thus, the recipient will be tempted to continue reading. Thus, you will give way to the imagination by writing Christmas is coming and we will surprise you with. Of course, remember to complete the sentence within the email.

The second trick is to write topics that provide valuable information to the recipient. If someone interested in email marketing reads “discover the best tips for your email campaign”, they will feel the need to check such information.

  1. Be helpful and don’t frustrate your expectations

If the previous two tips try to unleash the recipient’s imagination, ideally, don’t let them down. You cannot ask him if he has not yet collected his gift if, in fact, you have not offered or are not going to offer him one, which can be, for example, a discount voucher or any type of offer.

  1. Share opinions

Reading stories is something that everyone likes. In a way, opinions are little stories that our users share with others altruistically. Take advantage of this resource to send emails with some real opinions about the products or services you want to promote. Announce this fact in the email subject with phrases like don’t miss what our customers say about the product name.

  1. The most important information, at the beginning

By putting the fundamental words of the subject at the beginning you will be multiplying the chances that the email will be opened. In our constant fight to save time, we optimize up to reading the issues. In this way, an issue that accurately anticipates, in one or two words, the rest of the state or content will be much more effective than another that does not. Thus, an email of offers can be “summer offers! Unbelievable but limited discounts. It is clear, from the beginning, what email is about. Don’t you think

  1. The urgent comes first

Never lose sight of the fact that the recipient of your email also has many other emails from other companies, some of which may even be direct competitors for you. Therefore, try to generate a sense of urgency in the recipient so that they have the need to quickly see what the email is about and act accordingly.

  1. Make your receiver the protagonist

Thanks to the segmentation, you can divide the recipients of the emails according to various parameters: interests, location, age and many more. Take advantage of this resource to make each user understand that it is important to your company. Remember your birthday or a holiday in the place where you live and speak to her by name. For example:

As you can see, creatively anticipating interesting content is the key to email marketing success. If you want your emails to stop going directly into the trash, try to generate expectations, feed curiosity, attract attention and, above all, offer content that really matters to your subscribers.

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